Laurence Anne Guillem 

Born in France, Laurence spent many years sailing and traveling extensively. She settled in Manhattan twenty years ago, where she has worked in Fine Art for over a decade. Being drawn to the natural world in all its forms- animal, tribal, cultural, her photographs have a strong, quiet presence that draw the viewer deeply into her experience. Her portraits are truly intimate.

The process of carefully selecting the one image from the thousands she captures is to her, enthralling. Her meticulous approach to color, light and tone, results in works that are at once delicate and powerful.

"In horses I found the untamed part of our human nature, our strength and our vulnerability, an inter-connectedness with the world also felt when encountering different cultures. I believe photography can convey what cannot be conveyed in words. It can move us, transform us. It can change our perception of reality, and expand our vision and experience of life."

Laurence lives and works in New York. Her photographs have been exhibited at The Bedford Post Inn in Bedford, NY, and in several group shows including the Bedford Art Show. She is represented in several private collections notably Ralph Lauren.